It is very difficult to find, track, and save the SEO progress of your website. It is very important to track and save the SEO progress of your website. There are tons of paid & free SEO extensions available on Google Chrome which makes your SEO very easy. Many of the extensions work perfectly but many of them don’t work at all. Trying out these extensions to find out the best one is finding a needle in a haystack. Trying out all these extensions is a foolish thing and totally a waste of time. To save you time and make your life very easy we have listed out some of the best chrome extensions in our blog recommended by SEO experts.


  1. MozBar
  2. SEO Minion
  3. SEO Quake by SEMrush
  4. Keywords Everywhere
  5. TextOptimizer
  6. Google Lighthouse
  7. NoFollow Simple
  8. Grammarly 
  9. AMP Validator
  10. SEO Search Simulator


Let’s talk in detail about these SEO Extensions

1. MozBar:-

MozBar is a free Chrome Extension that helps you to do all your SEO on the go. This extension shows domain authority, page authority and backlink on the website. This extension also highlights the different types of links such as No follow, Do Follow, Internal and External Links. Moz Pro subscription will help you run unlimited page optimization reports.

Cost: Free / Paid

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mozbar/eakacpaijcpapndcfffdgphdiccmpknp


2. SEO Minion:-

SEO Minion is totally a free extension that helps you in your daily SEO tasks like Analyze On-Page SEO, Highlighting all Links, Check Broken Links, Hreflang Check, SERP View, and SERP Location Checking. This is one of the best and most free SEO extensions available on chrome and you must use this extension on daily bases.

Cost: Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seo-minion/giihipjfimkajhlcilipnjeohabimjhi


3. SEO Quake by Semrush:-

SEOquake is also a free chrome extension that provides you with organic research data at the click of a button. This extension is compatible with various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. SEOquake provides us with various SEO parameters such as SEO Audit, Keyword Density report, Backlink analysis, SERP Report, and even social metrics.

Cost: Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seoquake/akdgnmcogleenhbclghghlkkdndkjdjc


4. Keywords Everywhere:-

Keywords Everywhere is a paid extension that helps you to find the perfect keyword with accurate search volume for your website. This extension also provides data of the keywords which are trending on google. Keywords Everywhere helps you pull the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords data from Google & Bing. This extension is compatible with browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Cost: Paid

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keywords-everywhere-keywo/hbapdpeemoojbophdfndmlgdhppljgmp


5. TextOptimizer:-

TextOptimizer is an amazing tool that helps you to optimize your content and make it SEO friendly. This tool provides various options like text analysis, text optimization, and suggestions about what people search for. This tool really makes content writing much easier. You can optimize your content is less than 10 mins and rank on google in less time.

Cost: Free / Paid
Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/textoptimizer/fdbbkmpdjmpnebmdgbhcodhlafiicnkd


6. Google Lighthouse:-

Google Lighthouse is an automated open-source extension by google which helps to measure the quality of the webpages. Google Lighthouse audits search engine optimization, performance, and accessibility of the web pages. This helps the developers to increase the performance of the website.

Cost: Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lighthouse/blipmdconlkpinefehnmjammfjpmpbjk?hl=en


7. NoFollow Simple:-

NoFollow Simple is an extension that helps you to find out outline nofollow links and also helps to detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. This extension supports features like NOFOLLOW, UGC, and SPONSORED attribute values.

Cost: free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nofollow/dfogidghaigoomjdeacndafapdijmiid


8. Grammarly:-

Grammarly is an extension that helps you to find and remove grammatical errors from the blog/article. This extension provides real-time suggestions to strengthen your writing. Grammarly supports effective, and streamlined writing. Grammarly helps you to improve your life by improving communication.

Cost: Paid / Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/grammarly-for-chrome/kbfnbcaeplbcioakkpcpgfkobkghlhen


9. AMP Validator:-

AMP Validator is an extension that helps to check whether it is an AMP page or not and then runs it through the AMP Validator. If the page passes it will show green or fails it will show red via the extension icon. If there are any errors or warnings it will display the list under the extension and the icon will display the errors and warnings.

Cost: Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amp-validator/nmoffdblmcmgeicmolmhobpoocbbmknc


10. SEO Search Simulator:-

SEO Search Simulator is an extension that simulates search engine queries and easily checks and tracks the ranking of your website and competitor’s websites. This extension simplifies the work of rank tracking to check website position in the SERP for SEO Professionals.

Cost: Free

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seo-search-simulator-by-n/edfjfgjklednkencfhnokmkajbgfhpon